Lumbar spinal stenosis

Axial view of central canal stenosis

Sagittal MRI of L45 central canal stenosis

This is a degenerative condition whereby the spinal canal is progressively narrowed by disc protrusion, overgrowth of posterior facet joints and buckling of the surrounding yellow ligaments. The neural elements are progressively pressed on. As a consequence patients experience numbness and weakness of the thighs/calves with decreased ability to walk fast and far.

The complaints can be intermittent to persistent depending on the degree of compression and the daily activities of the patient. This disease runs a gradual downhill course and affects mostly elderly patients.

After MRI investigations confirms the  condition, patients are treated with painkillers and physical therapy. Injection or micro-surgical decompression with laminotomy/laminectomy are recommended in persistent or relapsing cases.


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